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Root canal treatment is needed where a tooth may have been very painful to hot and cold foods/drinks or spontaneously; after a deep filling or recent preparation for a crown or bridge-work or has been damaged after a traumatic injury. These circumstances can cause the pulp (nerve) to become inflamed or infected. If this is left untreated it can cause further pain or lead to an abscess. Root canal treatment is carried out to enable you to keep your tooth and with proper care most treated teeth can last as long as other natural teeth.

Root canal re-treatment is carried out when previous root canal treatment has been unsuccessful. This can be more complicated because of the need to remove the previous root filling.

At your consultation appointment your dental problem will be assessed and a treatment plan made. All treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic to ensure you are comfortable and can often be completed in one or two visits. After treatment you will need to return to your referring dentist who will place a crown or other restoration on the tooth to restore it to full function.

Sometimes the inflammation or infection at the end of the root(s) of your tooth may persist after treatment. If this occurs then a surgical procedure called root end resection may be required to help resolve the problem. Should this procedure be needed it will be discussed with you at that time.

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